Application development

In our view application development starts with intensively looking into the functional demands of your business departments since only this approach ensures that the final product will be accepted by its user community.

Starting with collecting and documenting these requirements we support you in planning, implementing and handing-over of your new application regardless whether this needs a technical migration to a new environment, the removal of out-of-date applications or a newly developed application.

Kindly contact us to learn how you could benefit from our support with regards to your specific requirement.

Data centre

Currently one of the major challenges is the growing demand for consolidation of data centre related services and the strategic sourcing of data centre operations or parts thereof.

Whether due to growing demands on your data centre operations caused by company mergers or sales or your need to outsource selected services allowing you to focus on selected core competencies, we offer to support you on your way to your future data centre design with our knowledge and independent of any third party service provider.

We look after all necessary management and coordination tasks and will involve technical experts from our network whenever this is required for specific requests.

Additional Services

Beyond those topics already mentioned we provide support related to requirements and projects in the areas of:

  • Provider management (e.g. contracts, service level agreement, organisation)
  • Consulting and design of technical solutions (e.g. linked to proposals (pre-sales))
  • Management of multiple projects (program management)