Please find below an excerpt of our project history.

Application development

  • Design and implementation
    Re-design and adaption oft he complete batch production of a financial service provider to allow 24 hours availability
  • Consulting and test management
    Replacement of a local system for information and credit decision management by integration into a new international group solution
  • Design and implementation
    Replacement of a document management software within the decommissioning of the whole environment from mainframe to AIX (7 applications)

Data centre

  • Project management insourcing
    Server migration into the environment of an IT service provider (VMware, Windows, Solaris)
  • Project management offshoring
    Selection of a suitable provider and integration of provider’s employees into the respective teams of the customer
  • Project management insourcing
    Data centre migration (Windows, AIX) and transfer of support for desktop services (IT service provider)

Additional projects

  • Program management
    Management of multiple projects related to data centre installations and migrations
  • Bid Management
    Creating proposals for data centre related projects (pre-sales)
  • Provider management
    Supervision and control of an offshore IT service provider